The Hayes Clark Covered Bridge is often refereed to as a twin of the Mary Ann Pyle Bridge. 
Hayes Clark owned 208 acres in East Fallowfield Township and West Marlborough Township in the 19th century. By late 1884 the County built the Hayes Clark Bridge over the Doe Run.  It is a Burr arch type with a 75 foot span with a 16 foot roadway. 
By the 1960's the roadway running through the bridge had been abandoned and the bridge was privately owned by the Buck and Doe Run Valley Farms. In 1963 the bridge was burned by arsonists. In 1971 a new Hayes Clark Bridge, this time a Kingpost type, was rebuilt at the site by the Buck and Doe Run Valley Farms.
The bridges are now part of the 771 acre Laurels Preserve managed by the Brandywine Conservancy and are open to its membership on a walking trail.

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